Need a Site Plan for Your Retail Food Facility in Sonoma County?

Get a Retail Food Facility Construction Plan for Your Sonoma County Department of Health Services Permit

Whether you want to know how to open a restaurant in Sonoma County, or simply want a health department permit for your food service vehicle, one of your first steps is to develop a commercial food facility plan.

Get open quickly with a Sonoma County Restaurant Plan and Health Department permit.Chances are this will involve steps and skills that you—the owner—may not understand or want to get involved in. We can help!

Northbay Restaurant Design has helped over 400 retail food facility operators get their plans successfully approved over the past 15 years. We can help with a complete restaurant floor plan, commercial kitchen hood drawing or even mobile food service vehicle design.

We have helped other food facility owners get their retail food facility plan approved by the Sonoma County Health Department. We can help you, too, and the process begins with a free site consultation by phone. In many cases, we can visit your proposed restaurant site within 24-48 hours to get the process started so you can open quickly.

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We Specialize in Food Facility Plans for the Sonoma County Health Department Permitting Process

If you want your restaurant plan approved quickly so you can open your retail food facility more quickly, we can help you meet requirements under the California Retail Food Code. Call us for help in Sonoma County at 707-508-4625.

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Unique Resources for Sonoma County

Each county health department has its own processes and resources to help food facility owners like you understand how to get a restaurant plan approved.

In Sonoma County, the Department of Health Services offers plan review packets, including a Plan Check Packet for retail food facilities to use in the construction process.

With Sonoma County’s emphasis on the wine industry, the DHS has even prepared a Plan Check Packet for Wine Tasting Room Facilities.

For your convenience, you can access these Sonoma County resources:

Plan Check Packet for Retail Food Facilities

Plan Check Packet for Wine Tasting Room Facilities