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Creating Food Service Industry Restaurant Floor Plans

Once you sign a restaurant lease, the clock starts ticking. You can’t open a retail food facility until you get your health department permit. So, you will need to submit a food facility plan and get it approved as quickly as possible. That’s where we come in.

Northbay Restaurant Design specializes in preparing restaurant floor plans and helping you get them approved. Whether you want a full-fledged commercial kitchen design or just commercial kitchen hood drawings, our team brings over 40 years of highly relevant expertise to the job.

Our team includes deep experience in food service design, restaurant supply, commercial kitchen construction-even gourmet cooking! But most importantly, we know what’s required under the California Retail Food Code and what county Environmental Health Services (EHS) departments will look for in your restaurant plan. Learn more About Northbay Restaurant Design

We help you develop a restaurant floor plan and get your health department permit more quickly.How to Open a Restaurant: Our Design Process

As a food facility owner, your expertise is preparing and delivering quality food to your customers. But, it takes specialized knowledge to put a commercial kitchen plan together that incorporates your vision and also meets county health code. That’s our expertise!

Here’s how our process goes and what you can expect if we work with you.

  1. Sign the lease. Even better: call BEFORE you sign the lease. We may be able to help you avoid serious issues before it’s too late to undo them.
  2. Begin in-depth discussion of your business: type of menu, type of facility, your objectives: carry out vs. dine in vs. delivery, etc.
  3. We visit your site, ask further questions about your business and consider: Our plans help you get your health department permit.
  4. Client (that’s you) signs agreement for us to prepare your plan.
  5. We take detailed measurements on site.
  6. Then we develop a preliminary plan that balances your vision of the space the compliance requirements of your local health department.
  7. Submit full package to health department.
  8. Monitor and provide any corrections or required clarifications for plan approval
  9. When the county approves the plans, we deliver them to you.

The end result is a full package, which includes:

  • Engineered commercial kitchen hood drawings
  • CAD drawings that can be shared with architects and other consultants
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical connections
  • Food service details (wall coverings, floor coverings, etc.)
  • Seating area plan
  • Bathroom layout

See our list of completed commercial kitchen design projects

Site Consultation

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Client Comments

“After helping evaluate the location for plumbing and electrical needs, Stan and Jim assisted with layout for customer flow and code compliance. From the time of submittal through approval from the health department, they answered all questions and addressed all issues. I will use Northbay on my next upcoming location. Thank you!”

—Charles Bell, “The Wurst,” Healdsburg


Need a Health Department Plan?

We develop all types of plans to get your retail food facility permit the health department in Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Main County, Solano County, Sonoma County and Sacramento County. We can do a:

  • Bakery Plan
  • Bar Plan
  • Bistro Plan and Cafe Plan
  • Brewery Pub Plan
  • Candy Shop Plan
  • Catering Truck Plan
  • Coffee Shop Plan
  • Coffee Cart / Kiosk Plan
  • Commercial Kitchen Plan
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Drawings
  • Delicatessen Plan / Deli Plan
  • Food Market Plan
  • Food Service Vehicle Plan
  • Food Trailer Plan
  • Grocery Store Plan
  • Ice Cream Shop Plan
  • Juice Bar Plan
  • Mobile Food Truck Plan
  • Pizza Kitchen Plan
  • Restaurant Floor Plan
  • Taqueria Plan
  • Tasting Room Plan
  • Wine Bar Plan
  • Winery Plan